Welcome to the KUGB


Frequently Asked Questions

When and where is the next course/championship/meeting?

  • Please visit our Events section


What is the youngest age for children to start Karate?

  • Our Insurance covers Children from 3yrs old & above.
  • Please contact our instructor or Club secretary, to discuss if your children are under 5yrs old.


What is the difference between styles?

  • All styles of Karate practice blocking, striking and kicking, but with different emphasis on range, speed and direction of techniques


I have had a break in training - do I need to re-grade?

  • No, we don't take away grades - but ask your instructor to help you return to fitness, ability and standard in a sensible and safe way


What insurance cover is provided by my licence?

  • The licence provides member to member, public liability and Professional liability cover. A copy of the insurance synopsis is held by all clubs.


How do I obtain/renew my licence? 

  •  Ask our club Instructor or Secretary

  • When are the class training days & times?
    • Our classes are on Tuesday / Thursday & Friday, see below for the class timetable:-
    • Tuesday
    • 8pm to 9:30pm Open to all Students
    • Thursday 
    • 7:30pm to 9pm - Open to all Students
    • Friday
    • 7pm to 8pm - Open to all Students


    Where are the classes held?

    • Bannatyne's Health Club in Dunfermline


    Is membership of Bannatyne's required to Join your Karate Club?

    • NO.